Jolin and Jay create new combination for World Expo theme song

Fan Ke-Chin (a media professional) has revealed that Jolin Tsai will be collaborating with Jay Chou's lyricist Vincent Fang and composer Michael Lin for the theme song, "Taiwan's Heartbeat," of the Taiwan exhibition at the World Expo. Having recently completely the recording, Jolin will be a symbol of the spirit of Taiwan in this MV appearance. Fan Ke-Chin expressed, "This is a different kind of combination for the Double J pair. Jolin uses her pure and beautiful voice, creating a beautiful, vibrant scene to bring the customs of Taiwan to the world."

The question of who would be doing the theme song for the upcoming opening of the Taiwan exhibition at the World Expo has been a much discussed topic. After Wang Leehom sang the song "I Smile When I See You" and participated in the promotional film, there was much talk surrounding this. Fan Ke-Chin, the man in charge of publicity and advertising for the Taiwan exhibition assessed things from all sides and ended up persuading Jolin Tsai to take on singing the theme song. He stated, "Originally, my thought was that if the lead singer was female, then it should be Jolin, and if the lead singer was male then it should be Jay Chou. In the end, it turned into a collaboration of the two good friends, Jolin and Director Jay. What a coincidence."

The always dynamic and youthful Jolin will be using a soft voice this time to sing out Taiwan's elegant beauty. Fan Ke-Chin expressed, "Jolin is good friends with both Vincent Fang and Michael Lin. When she sings, there is great emotion. Originally, she was not set to appear in the MV, but once she entered, the entire effect was improved. This MV will be shown at the World Expo for half a year, and will, also, frequently appear on Taiwanese TV channels."

Source: UDN

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