Jocie Guo shot to fame with Numa Numa cover, aims to repeat with Davichi cover

As Moldovan boy band trio O-Zone’s song “Dragostea Din Tei” (better known as The Numa Numa Song) spread like wildfire literally around the world, local artists from their respective countries raced to capitalize on the song’s uber-popularity with covers in their native languages. Mandarin Chinese was no excpetion, as the language saw at least covers from several artists. Perhaps the most famous of the Mandopop versions was from Singaporean pop singer Jocie Guo 郭美美, whose saccharine-laced version and schoolchildren-like lyrics got listeners bouncy from the fun beats.

It wouldn’t be long until Jocie became a joke because of the very song that shot her to fame, as some within the Chinese online community grew tired of her cuteness overload and called her bubbly attitude and bubblegum pop songs as brainless and crap. Jocie has dealt with the criticisms and expressed during production of her latest musical contributes at the time by saying “I'm not acting, I am really just cute.”

Since then, Jocie hoped to put her Numa Numa days behind her and establish a new and more serious identity with her latest pop song “Call Me 和我來電”. While the song itself is a cover of Korean pop group Davichi’s version "8282", it is at least a step in the right direction for Jocie as she strives to shed her cute label like Taiwanese pop star Cyndi Wang strived for several months earlier.

Jocie Guo’s “Call Me 和我來電” MV (Davichi cover):

Jocie Guo’s “Not Afraid 不怕不怕” MV (Numa Numa song cover):

Davichi's "8282" MV:

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