Jerry Yan faces illegitimacy rumors and dodges gigolos

Recently, Jerry Yan has been plagued with rumors about him being an illegitimate child. Yesterday, he responded to the the public for the first time on this issue, "I don't really know [if it is true], but I do not think it is of significance. Since I was small, Mom has worked very hard to earn money to support our family. I neither steal nor take. Even if it was real, she is still my role model. I will support her no matter what. I hope that now that I've grown up, I can really make her proud. In one month, 200,000 copies of 9314 Man and Boy have been sold in Asia, coming to approximately NT$100,000,000, and has been at the top of the Kingstone non-fiction charts for 4 consecutive weeks. A few days ago, Jerry donated a sexy photograph of himself, taken for his photobook, for a charity auction that won a NT$300,000 bid for "Every Household Loves Jerry Yan the Most." Yesterday, a ceremony was held and all donations made to the Xue Xue Foundation. Jerry, who celebrated Children's Day for the first time, made kites along with 20 impoverished children and encouraged them to never give up on their dreams.

Ever since he was young, Jerry has worked part-time and had never celebrated Children's Day or his birthday before. He said, "My birthday is on New Year's Day and my previous jobs were all in the service industry. Since my birthday is on a holiday, not only did I not get vacations, I was even busier." He also revealed that in high school, he had friends who became gigolos and went on to drive high class cars. At the time, someone had asked him whether he wanted to do it. He recalled, "In those days, I worked hard every day until 11 at night and the idea was very tempting. However, I remembered what Mom had said -- a man may always be poor, but no matter what, he cannot let down himself or others. Thus, I told the other person that I was not interested." In retrospect, he said jokingly, "If I really went, my mom would have killed me."

The girls and "boys" show off their kites

With the rumors about him being an illegitimate child, Jerry is only worried about his mom being affected. For the past few days, he has tried to prevent his mom from seeing the news in order to protect his mom from harm. Yesterday, he was again faced with rumors about dating model, Wang Si Ping. In response, Jerry said, "I really have no impressions of her. If she really knows me, please ask her to contact me."

Source: AppledailyTW

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