Jay Chou to surpass 4D in next concert

Coming back into the music scene, Jay Chou will be performing at the Taipei Arena on June 11th and 12th. To him, being able to create music with multiple types of instruments isn't a rarity, it's the package of the whole stage that makes it cool. Many singers have called upon 3D special effects for their stage, to this, Jay says, "(I) have already played with 4D at the press conference, certainly this time has be even more special." Therefore, he will be utilizing the newly introduced "360 degrees 3D suspension in air" that costs more than NT$40,000,000. The high production costs for this concert are reflected on the ticket prices that will be ranging from NT$800 to NT$5500. But fans will be able to experience a mind-blowing effect.

All the visuals are designed with a science and technology style -- a completely futuristic feel. The audience will see a stage that has the appearance of a spaceship, which will blend with the elements of "decadent rock and roll" and "Chinese medieval century" to come together to form an intense contrast. In May, he will be releasing his 10th album. With the accumulation of so many years of  creations, even Director Chou openly said, "There are too many songs. When (I) choose songs, it's very troublesome. However, (I) guarantee that they will all be songs that everyone likes."

Source: UDN

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