Jay Chou releases new song: "Superman Can't Fly"

After a long wait since his last album "Capricorn", Jay Chou is back as he releases his first single on HitFM off his upcoming album "The Era".

Jay offers a glimpse into his reflections on the last 10 years through the lyrics and melody that he wrote and produced himself.

In the lyrics, Jay lets out his frustrations over his past projects, including his critically-flopped idol drama "Pandamen", his movie roles (both in Asia and in Hollywood), and as always, his rants against the paparazzi. He writes about how because he is a celebrity he suddenly is also "Superman" and has to be a role-model and face scrutiny for his every move. He wishes that he could stop and rest but he can't because "Superman doesn't cry". These extremely personal insights into his life are accompanied by a light rhythm reminiscent of "Fragrant Rice". In his commentary on HitFM, Jay states that usually personal raps such as these are juxtaposed by heavy beats, but Jay wanted to do something different and put them to soft melodies instead. He also employs an interesting accent in addition to his typicial "Jaymumbling"

What do you think, readers? Are you excited for the rest of Jay's music or do you think he's stretched himself thin again as he did in his 8th album "On the Run"?

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