Idol drama queen Chen Qiao-En stars in Claire Kuo's new MV

Claire Kuo invites idol drama queen Joe Chen Qiao-En to star in her new MV, “聊天” (lit. Chatting). It is Joe’s last work in Taiwan before she leaves to film a movie in Mainland China and she won’t be back until the end of the year.

During breaks, she would take out her cell phone and surf YouTube, sharing interesting clips with Claire. Joe reveals that she and Claire have gone to sing KTV together before, but Claire never selected any songs to sing. Claire jokes, “Because I was off work already.” In regards to filming the MV, Claire expresses that she’s not too worried about her own acting, but rather, she worries about her new haircut, “Is my hair too short? Do I look very manly when I stand because Joe?” Joe quickly compliments Claire’s new hair cut for making her look very youthful.

Claire takes a backseat in the MV this time as all the heavy acting such as crying, emoting, and other intimate scenes are all given to Joe to handle. During one of the scenes where Joe had to cry after a break up, Joe’s tears were on cue where she was able to cry within 3 seconds. Joe demonstrated her acting skills as she did the same crying scene three times in order for the director to take different angles on it.

Since Joe was able to cry so easily, the media asked out of curiosity if it was because of the rumors regarding her break up with Roy Chiu, but Joe denied, “Being able to cry on cue is the professionalism that an actor should have. Everyone shouldn’t think too much into it.”

Source: UDN

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