Huang Xiao Ming's "octopus mouth" fiercely sucks on Wang Luo Dan

In his first self-produced TV series, "Dark Fragrance" (暗香), Huang Xiao Ming plays a rich heir. When he takes a walk for the first time with his love contract partner, played by Wang Luo Dan, they are followed by the paparazzi. Unafraid of being caught on film, he puckers up his lips (lit. octopus mouth) and fiercely kisses (lit. sucks on) Wang Luo Dan!

The singer and actor, Huang Xiao Ming, participated in "Ip Man 2," set to premiere on April 29th. However, sources have revealed that due to being discontented with the deleted parts that included him, he decided to be absent at the premiere as a protest. The other day, he proclaimed himself to own property worth up to a hundred million, and is participating in the production of TV series "Dark Fragrance," taking on the role of the male lead, and in order to raise ratings, he does not hesitate to shed and expose his chest.

The story-line arranges for Huang Xiao Ming and Wang Luo Dan to take a stroll after agreeing on a love contract. Huang Xiao Ming spots the paparazzi following them, and being unafraid of being caught, he puckered up his lips and kissed Wang Luo Dan. The two also sweetly walked hand-in-hand, looking as if they were lovers head over heels for each other. In actuality, each of them have their own ulterior motives.

Source: NOWnews

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