Hebe pays a moving tribute to her late friend

A female colleague of Hebe passed away last year on the day of her birthday due to heart problems. A charity concert was held 2 nights ago in memory of her late friend. Hebe chose 16 songs for the performance, but she was overcome by tears when she sang “Love”. She re-sang the song again during the encore and said, “Don’t suppose I was hurt in love just because I cried. I’m a queen, only other people would get hurt by me.”

Despite her comment, the charity concert was still filled with “love”. Hebe said, “When (I) first chose the songs, I only wanted to save money, like something with simple arrangements, and can be performed with 2 guitars. (I) didn’t expect the musicians, makeup and hair stylists would all be sponsored.” Ella joined her on stage to harmonize for her, and said Hebe is a great friend. Selina made her entrance later to collaborate on the song “Scarf”.

The concert raised NT$380,000 from the 600 tickets sold minus the cost of rent. The money will be donated to the Cardiac Children’s Foundation.

Source: AppledailyTW

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