Harlem Yu says no, no and no to getting back with his ex

In contrast to the recent news of a possible reconciliation, Harlem Yu refuted the rumors and said not once, but three times, that he and ex-wife Annie Yi are not getting back together.

When asked about the rumored reconciliation text messages that his ex-wife had sent him, he immediately said, “There is no reconciliation.” Reporters asked again, “Then have you been in touch with Harry’s mom?” Harlem repeated the same answer. He was then asked,  “Will Harry’s mom go to your concert”, Harlem didn’t bother responding and said, “Next question!”

Harlem Yu will take the stage at the Taipei Arena on April 10th for his concert. He has been building up his muscles by working out for two hours everyday. His recent diet consists of tuna boiled in water, plain-cooked meat, and green vegetables, “My only seasoning is green onion, it tastes awful.”

Fortunately, 90% of the tickets have been sold, Harlem said, “There will be some adjustments with the opening, (I) will fly to the stage. The content and selection of songs have been changed drastically. The favorite songs of my die-hard fans will be added.”

Source: AppledailyTW, UDN

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