GTV calls Wu Chun for help to save their dismal ratings

Wu Chun hasn’t appeared in any idol dramas since making a leap to the big screen. He is rumored to be returning to TV in a GTV idol drama with Rainie Yang this summer. According to reports, GTV had high hopes for Jerry Yan’s Down With Love, but it failed to end the network’s losing streak against SETTV. They hope Wu Chun be able to help them reclaim the Sunday night idol drama ratings crown.

Starting from They Kiss Again, Rolling Love, to the more recent Momo Love, GTV has lost to SETTV in 9 consecutive dramas. They originally hoped A-list stars like Jerry Yan and Ella would help them turn things around. Much to their dismay, Down With Love ended up in a tough ratings battle with SETTV’s P.S. Man, which hasn't been a stellar drama either. Their concern became more serious as P. S. Man started to pull away with its lead last week.

GTV is rumored to call upon Wu Chun for help because of hit dramas like Hana Kimi and Romantic Princess. The actor is said to be reluctant to return to TV since he has already shifted his focus to movies. However, he is under pressure to return a favor to the network that made him a star, as well as fans who have wanted to see him on TV again. Wu Chun might be GTV's “Last Ancestral Tablet”, so they hope he can create some ratings magic with Rainie Yang, who also has a long winning streak. The new drama (which roughly translates to) Sunshine Girl is expected to go up against SETTV in the summer. Unlike most GTV idol dramas that have been adapted from manga or fiction, the new series will be based on an original screenplay.

As for Down With Love’s mediocre performance, fans defended their idols by saying that the poor ratings are due the drama being leaked on the Internet. A GTV representative confirmed that a new series will indeed start filming in April, but since it is not led by GTV, the specifics will be determined by the production team.

Source: Libertytimes

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