Girls of Big Party parody SNSD’s “Oh!” with goofy results

On yesterday’s broadcast of popular variety program Big Party 全民最大黨, the female cast put on a goofy performance of K-pop girl group SNSD’s recent energetic tune “Oh!”. Big Party is known to put on parody performances of the latest trends in Taiwan, and since the SNSD’s song “Oh!” has been topping the J-pop/K-pop music charts in Taiwan for many weeks, it was only a matter of time before Big Party would put their spin on the radio-friendly hit.

Their goofy performance basically consisted of six of the female variety show regulars who donned the same gold/blue tank top and white butt shorts that SNSD dressed up in for their “Oh!” MV. The girls also sang parody Mandarin lyrics of the song and acted valley girl-like as they played fake versions of the popular members of the group during their skit. Not only that, but the girls also went spent the whole talking segment throwing in Korean accents especially at the end of their sentences.

To top it all off, the girls even parodied the name by calling themselves 少女時袋 after SNSD’s Chinese name 少女時代. Same pronunciation, but the original translates as SNSD’s English name Girls’ Generation, while the silly parody name translates directly as Girls’ Time Bag. Yes, the name basically captures the humorous and sometimes painful viewing of the performance, especially during the introductions skit part, but that’s why we love Big Party.

Parody SNSD’s “Oh!” performance and skit:

SNSD's "Oh" MV:

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