Gary Cao gets retro with 80s street style

The Golden Melody winner will soon be returning to the music scene with an English album, but before that, he will first appear in the movie Ice Kacang Puppy Love. Gary Cao has a guest role in the film directed by his friend and fellow singer Ah Niu. He plays a gang member who dresses in classic 80s street-style along with center-part hair.

In the movie, Gary Cao's character “Ma Lin-Fan” has his own entourage and always bullies Ah Niu. He took a pay cut to be in the movie and thought he was going to debut with a cool image. Although he wasn’t comfortable with dressing in the coolest 80s styles at first, he later thought it was very fitting and said, “It’s a real breakthrough!”

Director Ah Niu said Gary Cao loves acting but the 80s-look almost destroyed him before he finally loosened up. In one scene, he sacrificed his image and rolled down the stairs with several bras wrapped around his head. The movie generate a lot of laughter when it was screened at the Hong Kong Film Festival. Ice Kacang Puppy Love will be released in Malaysia this month.

Source: UDN

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