Fun Facts About Rainie's Upcoming Concert

It's less than two weeks until Rainie's "Wild Fantasy" Concert at Taipei Arena on April 24th. Here are some tidbits to tide you over if you can't make it to her show!

-Rainie Yang will sing veteran singers Faye Wong and A-Mei’s hit songs “Pawn” and “I Want Happiness”. When she was 13, she worked as an extra on the set of A-Mei’s “Impulse” music video. In the filming she was a backup dancer waving a glow stick, but when the video aired, much to her disappointment, only the glow stick showed on film and her face was hidden in darkness. A few days ago Rainie happened to run into A-Mei backstage at the Taipei Arena and told her of her plans to sing her predecessor’s song. A-Mai encouraged her, saying, “It is your time now.”

-Guest performer Jerry Yan sent Rainie a text message which left her laughing hysterically. It said, “Good luck! Don’t get too stressed. Go to FTV.” At first she was confused and thought “Why would I go to FTV?” She later realized that he meant “Dao Ming Si”, his breakthrough character in “Meteor Garden” (that Rainie also starred in), as “Go to FTV” and “Dao Ming Si” are homonyms. When she finally understood his “Yan Humor”, she couldn’t control her laughter. The details about the track that the two are performing together remain a secret, and Rainie is keeping her mouth shut, joking that “Maybe it will involve me touching his chest or a giant bear hug, I hope he doesn’t mind!”

-As the date of Rainie’s concert approaches, Rainie has been furiously rehearsing in the studio. While practicing, she has suffered many ailments, including hurting her elbow, developing a cough, and insomnia. As she has no time to rest, her only cure is a throat tonic made with sugar water and pear extract.

-Unlike her superstar daughter, Rainie’s mother wishes to remain low-key. For the concert, she has bought tickets but refuses to tell even her own daughter where she is sitting. Rainie’s agent said whilst laughing, “Mother Yang is so adorable. She has already arranged that on the day of the concert she will go get her hair done and not wear a hat, because she is afraid that if she wears a hat she will be too noticeable and the press will find her.”

Source: UDN

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