FTV will air Summer’s Desire at the end of May

Great news for fans that have been waiting for the release of Summer’s Desire. The drama starring Peter Ho, Barbie Xu and Huang Xiao-Ming was previously rumored to be turning away buyers because of the cast’s age. Fortunately, it was finally picked up by FTV and is expected to hit the air at the end of May. Huang Xiao-Ming has already requested time off from his current movie to promote the series in Taiwan next month. The three A-listers’ stylists, plane tickets and living arrangements for the 4-day promotion are said to cost more than 2 million (NTD).

Summer’s Desire was adapted from author Ming Xiao-Xi’s best-seller by the same name. The story depicts the relationship of two men and a woman, and has been described as the idol version of the “Flower” series (popular Taiwanese soap opera from the 90s.) The HD production alongside with its love-hate melodrama is expected to attract audiences outside of the idol drama core. FTV hopes it will continue their Sunday drama programming as they have been airing Kimura Takuya’s classic series in the time slot.

FTV briefly entered the Sunday night idol drama battle in 2007 with Pretty Ugly and Full Count. The dramas' ratings failed to meet the network’s expectation, therefore the time slot was given to variety programming instead. Much to the surprise of FTV, their Friday night idol drama K.O.3anguo broke 2% in the ratings and inspired them to join the idol drama battle again. Summer’s Desire will compete with the current top-rated Sunday night series P.S. Man at the end of May.
P.S. Man has been averaging in the mid 4% range over the past month.

Source: UDN

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