Following Monga, Ethan wants to become a soldier

Following Monga, what is Ethan Ruan's next step? He answered, "I hope to go onto the battlefield sort of like my (paternal) grandfather: fighting the Japanese devils (common term used in wars) in the ice and snow, disregarding death to save (paternal) grandmother from the war zone."

As a celebrity who weaves dreams for audiences, he also has his own dreams. Despite Monga being a hit, the popularity has not gone to Ethan's head. He said, "I was offered many dramas, but the role that I want to act in the most is like the soldiers in Assembly and The Warlords who risk life and death with their brothers to fight on the battlefields. I want to experience that kind of sacrifice and courage."

Ethan is the descendent of a line of soldiers. He said, "Grandfather ran away from home to enlist in the army, uncle was formerly in the navy at Zuoying, and even though dad was only in the army for 20 days due to the lottery, later on, when he was a driver at Taichung Ching-Chuang-Kang Airport, he would take me to see the airplanes everyday. Even time [I] saw the pilots land and took off their helmets, I thought they were extremely handsome. Afterwards, my number 1 idol was Tom Cruise and I ended up watching Top Gun many times."

Did Grandfather ever use the "iron and blood education" method on Ethan? He said, "Since I was little, grandfather has only hit me once because I copied swear words from TV. He is like those commonly seen elderly people in the villages who like to talk about the past. Grandfather was in the war for eight years and crawled out from a pile of dead bodies many times. And once, when they had fallen in Mainland, he risked death to save Grandmother from the war zone and bring her to Taiwan. I really want to be able to portray or transmit that kind of intense emotions in my acting career.

Many famous directors praised Ethan for his performance in Monga. He said of this, "I once hear a certain famous director's cameraman say that when filming martial arts films, one way the director uses to direct is to have a certain  top actor "turn [his] head a bit more" or "straighten [his] back a bit more" because those big stars have already prepared sufficiently before going to the set and only await carving of the director's knife to make it even more perfect. I long for experience in that kind of self-discipline."

With more popularity, comes more emotions for Ethan, "People who didn't used to look at me will now take the initiative to come greet me, telling me "You are excellent." Those kind of words will only make me more clear-headed, more certain about what real friends are. I will never forget those who brought me lunch-boxes to where I lived when I had nothing in my pockets."

After one becomes famous, rumors increase. Ethan has repeatedly said to have a complicated relationship with Mark Zhao. He said, "Mark and I are the same, neither of us wants to add insult to injury. Wether we collaborate or not in the future, true relationships can endure the tests." Recently, there was news of Ethan being in a contract dispute with his management company. Is he worried about injuring his boss who said back then, "If Xiao Tian (Ethan's nickname) does not become popular, I will resign."? He said, "It is precisely because I don't want to damage our friendship that I hope to change our boss-employee relationship into a collaboration, to let us continue as one family. Otherwise, where will I go to find comrades who understand me?"

Source: UDN

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