First look at Lin Chi-ling in Kimura Takuya's new drama

In contrast to her usual glamorous image, Lin Chi-Ling plays a beautiful woman from Shanghai living in poverty. Her character meets the president of a furniture design company played Japanese superstar Kimura Takuya, and gets a chance to become a model in Japan.

Lin Chi-Ling was seen dressed as a village woman and crying hysterically on the ground for a particular scene. She and Kimura Takuya could only communicate in simple English, but he was a true gentleman despite the language barrier. The temperature was only 7 degrees on the day of the shoot, so he let her rest in the car that was originally brought in for him and costar Watanabe Ikkei, while the two men stood outside in the wind. Some on-lookers pointed out that Kimura Takuya was very polite to the staff, and had a smoke during his break.

Although it is Lin Chi-Ling's first time working on a Japanese drama, she is rumored to be paid up to NT$840,000 per episode. Her pay check is only slightly lower than costars Shinohara Ryoko and Kitagawa Keiko, but it is still less than half of Kimura Takuya’s 2.02 million (NTD) pay day. The production is said to be seriously over budget because of its star-studded cast. Some insiders pointed out that even if the series can average over 20% in the ratings, it might still have a hard time recovering its costs.

Source: AppledailyTW, Xinhuanet

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