[Updated] F.Cuz getting Jiggy in Chinese

The Korean boy group, F.Cuz released their first Korean single, “Jiggy,” just a while back and in order to further promote their single, they have decided to release a Chinese version of it. The members studied their Chinese hard for three days in order to get the pronunciations right. They constantly repeated the phrases toward themselves without minding people around them: “The first time I met you, I went crazy and my heart beat non-stop,” “I want to hug you,” and other romantic phrases.

For the Chinese version, the song also features their senior, Yao-Yao. When they came across the lyrics, “If your mom’s breakfast restaurant needs help…” F.Cuz kept wondering, “What exactly does this phrase mean?”  It was later that they found out that Yao-Yao’s mom owns a breakfast restaurant.

In related news, Yao-Yao will make her first acting debut on the upcoming TTV/SETTV Friday drama, “倪亞達” (Ni Ya Da). Yao-Yao will be playing the younger sister of the male lead, Yang You-Ning (楊祐寧). Her character is a girl who bravely chase after true love even when she often end up stumbling and falling.

Updated 4/28: Check out the song for yourself. Is three days of Chinese enough for F.Cuz to break into the Chinese market?

Source: Chinatimes, FCuzed2 @ Youtube

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