Even Andy Lau can't save Future X-Cops

Despite a 36-hour promotional tour by Andy Lau, his new movie Future X-Cops still struggled to make a dent at the Taiwanese box office. The movie accumulated 1.34 million (NTD) so far but its budget was reportedly to cost around 700 million. Netizens said the film was so atrocious that it totally wasted Andy Lau. But don’t feel too bad for Future X-Cops, because it has already made 30 million (RMB) in the mainland. The movie also stars Barbie Hsu, Mike He, Fan Bing-Bing and Xu Jiao.

The other new release Au revoir Taipei made 10 million (NTD) over its first four days. The 30 million- budget movie won Best Asian film at the Berlin International Film Festival. Lead actress Amber Kuo left a deep impression in the audience with her movie debut, while supporting actors Frankie Gao and Lawrence Ko provided the laughs. Some netizens praised the movie for turning Taipei into a cute city. Amber Kuo promised to hold another fan meeting to thank fans for their support.

Source: AppledailyTW, Sina

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