Eddie Peng uses Tiffany Hsu to take revenge on Ethan Ruan

Having broken into the music scene, Eddie Peng is once again making another MV called "Summer Around the Corner 轉角的夏天". The last time, he had grumbled about his good friend Ethan Ruan not keeping his promise to help out with his first EP, Must Love, due to Ethan's busy schedule. Thus, this time, Eddie asked Tiffany Hsu, Ethan's girlfriend, to help out as "revenge." Tiffany revealed, "When I found out that there was a kissing scene, I thought to myself: I'm a goner. I will definitely mess up."

However, during filming, Eddie and Tiffany overcame the embarrassment and gave off a the feeling of a couple passionately in love. Even the director praised their acting skills as top quality. Eddie commented that he had to act out kissing scenes before when he didn't even know the girl, so naturally he had to be professional.

The two were at Taipei's An Dong marketplace at 4AM for filming. Both exclaimed that the marketplace scene in the morning was very beautiful. During filming, Eddie even bought lots of fresh fruit for the staff to eat. Eddie said, "It's very satisfying, I feel very refreshed.

In the MV, the two act as a couple who must separate due to one of them going abroad. Eddie said, "Long distance relationships really need a lot of effort and trust in order to maintain." Additionally, recently, Eddie has become interested in filming and repeatedly asked the director about shooting techniques. He even got a camera from the director on set announcing that he will be carrying the camera around to record everything to share with his fans online.

 Kingone and Tiffany act as second leads in CTV's 就是要香戀

As for Ethan and Tiffany, the two have been extremely busy. Tiffany has been busy filming CTV's new drama, 就是要香戀 (roughly translates to: Just want a sweet love) and Ethan is too busy to even drop and pick her up. Kingone Wang who is her pursuer in the drama is afraid to drive her in fear to incurring rumors. In the drama, her rational personality is very different from her real personality. She states, "I often think about a lot." She has had another breakthrough in her acting as even Kingone praised her saying that he had always thought that she was just a beautiful model before, but after collaborating with her, he felt that her acting is very good.

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