Eddie Peng roams due to management disputes

In the past half-year, Eddie Peng has been "traveling." It is not to say that he actually went to many places, rather it is because he has been in a dispute with his management. Even though he is still in the show business, he has to temporarily put aside his heart and force herself to take a look outside.

Eddie confessed these disputes have severely affected him. Even now, he is still grievous. "From this, I have realized how much I was protected in the past. I am coming to an understanding with the responsibilities and work in show business."

During that period, "I was alone." I read the contracts myself, found lawyers, made decisions about the next step by myself. "I didn't want my mom and my older sister to worry. Plus, entering into this profession is something I chose myself. When something like this happens, I must take responsibility for it myself. It's really funny. I had never seriously take a look at my contracts before. Once I trust the other person, I am willing to do anything for the other person."

Does he regret it? Eddie shook his head, "Something else that I have thought about is that everyone who appears in your life has a significance," he said. Before he never thought about how blessed he was to have this job, but now he understands. "As a result, I have seen many things that normal office workers are unlikely to come across. I also suddenly felt that I had more responsibility towards society. All these things are now in my heart."

For Eddie's new album, the question on most people's minds is, "Can he really sing?" He laughed and said, "Singing was really a weakness of mine in the past." However, he isn't singing to win a prize, he is singing to express his determination. "Perhaps some people might say, just do you acting well. But I want to express another side of me."

His new song, "Must Love"'s, MV invited Shu Qi to make an appearance, creating much talk. Eddie laughed and said,"It only because she lost playing ball with me, so she owed me one. I just didn't expect that she would agree as soon as I asked her. I think I'll have to take her out to eat for 10 years before the favor can be completely returned." Reportedly, when Eddie spoke out about Shu Qi's at the meeting, he frightened even his record company. The reporters said to him, "If you want to show that you have strong contacts, wouldn't inviting Jolin Tsai be more powerful?" The Eddie who has now gone through much crisis was much more seasoned and answered with, "I listed many names, but I don't seem to have listed her!"

For his photo shoot, Eddie wore LV pulling a RIMOWA suitcase to board the plane. He had a lot of fun. A yellow LV suit made him the unrivaled eye-catcher. He said, "I always liked to wear bright colors before, especially when I go surfing. I always wear extremely bright ones. One the one hand, it looks good. On the other, it allows other surfers to spot you, making it safer."

Source: UDN

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