Eddie Peng refuses Jolin's invitation to dance

Popular idol drama actor, Eddie Peng began his fight into the music business yesterday by formally releasing this first single EP Must Love. His management company, avex, spent an enormous amount of money for promotions. Besides reserving an entire MRT (subway) car, they also held a grand press conference yesterday. For the first time, Eddie performed his powerful song, showing the strength of this dancing taught by a famous Japanese teacher.

After the dance, Eddie Peng admitted that he had been a bit nervous because besides dancing in night clubs with friends when he was studying in Canada, he rarely had the opportunity to dance in the past few years. Yesterday many artistes sent congratulatory flowers to him. Jolin Tsai wrote on her card, "Eddie Peng, let's go discoing together." In regards to Jolin's dance invitation, Eddie said laughingly, "It'll be hard with me being busy with album promotions. She is too awesome, how can I dare to dance in her presence?"

Eddie cleverly evades the frequent probing questions by the media about Jolin.  When asked whether his and Jolin's feelings have warmed back up, he answered, "The media wrote a few things that I didn't even know." When he heard that Jolin said through the media that she wanted to invite him to go surfing, he openly said, "I didn't know she could surf, the only companion I have for surfing in the circle is Ethan Ruan. I wasn't aware that any other artiste could surf. Now that I know, I will invite her when I go surfing in the future.

Disco invite from Jolin

For the press conference, a female lips test was prepared. The company first helped him avoid Jolin as an option. Eddie immediately recognized Shu Qi who he has just collaborated in the MV with. Besides being very grateful to Shu Qi, he also admitted that he was "electrified" by Shu Qi at one point. He said, "When we were in close proximity, she suddenly held up a finger to prevent me from speaking. I was a little electrified then." But what made him pleased with himself was that he actually made her laugh behind-the-scenes. He said, "I made a face at her wanting to say that I wouldn't be influenced by what happens behind-the-scenes, which resulted in her laughing and NGing!" Eddie, who is currently carefully choosing a new drama, also hopes to work with Shu Qi again.

Source: UDN

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