Donnie Yen sells undies because he looks good in them

The “Universe Strongest” was recently interviewed by the i-CABLE Entertainement News Channel to promote his upcoming movie Ip Man 2. Concerning his much-talked about underwear commercial, Donnie Yen praised himself saying, “Since the advertising company hired me, of course it was because I'm capable of looking good in them! And I think these things are in the genes!”

The star was asked if he wishes to win any awards after the massive popularity of Ip Man. He said awards are not important to him, since they are just something that sit at home. He believes box office success is the most important, and joked if no one wants to see his award-wining movie, wouldn’t that be a failure?

Following the success of Ip Man, Donnie Yen felt a lot of pressure when he filmed Ip Man 2. He said, “There is no doubt that the first one was the turning point of my career. It can be said as my best work. But during the filming of Ip Man 2, I always had insomnia, like thinking about how to make it better all the time. Sometimes I would call director Wilson Yip in the middle of the night, and discuss about how we can do even better.

As for rumors of a feud between him and the legendary Sammo Hung, Donnie immediately refuted the claim. He said he looks up to Sammo Hung as his senior and has a lot of admiration for him. He believes Sammo Hung is the only man in the world who weighs several hundreds pounds and can still do a somersault.

Hopefully Sammo Hung will do a back-flip in Ip Man2

Despite reaching new heights in his career with great Kung Fu skills, Donnie Yen sticks to his principle and refuse to do any sex scene. He said he doesn’t want his children to see him in such scenes when they grow up.


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