Donnie Yen buys pads for his wife

Although the 46 year-old “Universe Strongest” has been married for seven years, he ruled out the possibility of any seven-year-itch. Donnie Yen was in Taiwan to promote his highly anticipated movie Ip Man 2. He couldn’t help but express his love when he talked about his wife, “She is still very attractive for me. Kissing each other is just the basic, if (I’m) not tired, (we’ll) enjoy ourselves a bit more, since I’m still young.”

Following a series of Ip Man movies, Donnie Yen has become the spokesperson of grand masters. In the film, his character is respectful and caring to his wife, much like his marriage in real life. He said, ‘Women are supposed to be spoiled, and cared for. She is my partner, (I’d) give my greatest effort to make her happy.” He revealed that he would even go pick up sanitary pads for her.

Donnie Yen said the success of the first Ip Man put everyone under great pressure, because it wouldn’t be easy to make a better sequel. He acknowledged that the new film has even more tension, in addition to showcasing the speech and manners of old Hong Kong. He said, “I had to speak much slower (for the film), and turn away slowly. (I) only ate one meal per day to stay slim, and remained seated without moving when there was nothing to do.” He joked, “Because it was tiring to death, so (I) couldn’t move, HA!”

He also revealed that his 2 year-old son is an active kid and even creates his own “moves.” The boy had once tried to stop an elevator door with his own finger. Unfortunately the doors didn’t open and ended up clamping his finger instead. The shocked and sobbing Mrs. Yen called Donnie for help but he was on set filming a movie. The “crisis” was eventually resolved by local firefighters.

As for his 6 year-old daughter, Donnie Yen said he tries to embrace her whenever he can, “If I don’t hug her now, it will be her boyfriend hugging her later on.” When asked if he is worried that his daughter would date a bad guy someday, he said, “Tell him to watch Ip Man a few more times and learn about the principle of living.”

Source: AppledailyTw, Libertytimes

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