Da Mouth welcomes Jane Zhang as she takes guest reins for new “Can't Do It” MV

Famous international record giant Universal Music Group knows how to flex its muscle when it decided to pair Taiwan’s hip-hop music unit Da Mouth with mainland China’s pop diva Jane Zhang, ending up labelmates whose collided music styles serve up a tune with its sum greater than its parts.

The members of Da Mouth were curious when they heard that they would be collaborating with the former finalist of mainland China’s talent show competition Super Girl, but they never thought they would end up in such an ensemble. “We felt that it was interesting and also an honor to have a song collaboration with a singer who has a different music style. Our collaboration with her was very enjoyable, and not only did we learn something from her, but it allowed us to hear a totally different product.”

The group also expressed great appreciation for the sensational Chinese singer. “Before, we only knew that she could sing. But seeing how [Jane Zhang] could control of numerous music styles, she is the complete package.”

Da Mouth & Jane Zhang’s “Can't Do It 辦不到” MV:

Source: cnxz.cn

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