Cheryl Yang conquers Jang Hyuk with feminine charm, embraces villainess role

Korean actor Jang Hyuk (Volcano High, Windstruck) and Taiwanese actress Cheryl Yang (My Queen, The Hospital) held a press conference together in Shanghai several days ago regarding their lead roles of the mainland Chinese adaptation of "All About Eve". At the press conference, the Korean actor seemed nervous and frequently excused himself to the restroom, while "My Queen" actress Cheryl Yang, who will take on the manipulative villainess role originally played by Kim So-yeon, said, "If I'm really despised [in this role], then that means that I did a good job acting."

The original Korean version aired on MBC back in 2000 with Jang Dong-gun, Kim So-yeon, and Park Chae-rim headlining the lead roles involving a love triangle of intrigue and conflict as the two female news reports try to win over the heart of a network executive. The mainland Chinese version was reported as costing 100 million yuan (US$14.65 million) to produce, where Jang Hyuk will take on the challenging role of the "metaphoric knight in shining armor" previous played by fellow Korean acting contemporary Jang Dong-gun, while Cheryl Yang and mainland Chinese singer/actress Zhu Dan will take on the good versus evil female roles originally played by Korean actresses Chae-rim and Kim So-yeon, respectively. Hong Kong star Bowie Lam will also play in the upcoming version's newly-added villain role, and it is predicted that the drama will be broadcast in November later this year.

Jang Hyuk frequently takes restroom breaks, while Zhu Dan fawns over him outside the drama

During the Shanghai press conference, Jang Hyuk didn't realize that he was so nervous that he had drank a lot of liquids, and had to make frequent stops to the restroom because of it. Bowie Lam, who was also in attendance, said, "The original Korean drama was seen by almost everyone, so it's hard to avoid the pressure. Jang Dong-gun was really amazing in his role in the previous version. I don't dare want to surpass him, only to act well in my part." The Hong Kong star later laughed and said that if audiences had a good reception, he would consider doing "All About Eve".

Jang Hyuk praised Cheryl Yang for having incredible feminine charm, as this is Cheryl's first time filming a drama abroad from her native Taiwan. The Taiwanese actress will also play the villainess role that tries to frame the female protagonist, expresssing, "I'm not worried about playing the role of the manipulative woman that is despised by the audience. If I'm really despised, then that means that I did a good job acting."

Zhu Dan will play the kind-hearted female part originally held by Park Chae-rim in the Korean version, and expressed that upon hearing the news that she landed the role, that she will please the director and make every effort in playing her part. The drama will also feature kissing scenes, with Zhu Dan expressing that while there will be a language barrier between her and Jang Hyuk, that she will practice in order to have a connection with him in their roles. Zhu Dan also said, "Jang Hyuk is super cool. I don't really dare to talk to him, and I'll have a hard time breathing for our kissing scenes."

Source: The Apple Daily

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