Channel [V]'s Top 20 Countdown (4/17/10): S.H.E. Leaps and Bounds

S.H.E. leads the pack once again, however not for their powerful first single "SHERO" (which actually dropped to 10th this week), but for their sophomore effort "Just Love" which jumps 20 places from being the featured "HOT!" song of last week to being number 1 on the chart this week. Show Luo, for the first week in a long time, only has one song on the charts as "Dance Without Limits" finally drops off but "Why Should We Be Together" stays strong as number 2. Newcomers this week include Eddie Peng's catchy "Must Love" and new mix-gendered group dance flow's "Come On! Come On!".

There has been much controversy with Xian Zhi's MV for "You Belong To Yourself". Juxtaposed with the haunting melody, the MV contain sensuous content not common in normal Taiwanese media although rather mild compared with American media. According to news reports, Xian Zhi's mother did not even know about how her daughter was portraying herself until she saw the MV herself on television. Imagine her shock! However, this commotion seems to be benefiting Xian Zhi as her MV rose 3 places to be number 5 this week.

(NEW) 1. S.H.E. - Just Love 愛就對了 | MV

(--) 2. Show Luo 羅志祥 - Why Should We Be Together? 為什麼要在一起 | MV

(↑1) 3. Rainie Yang 楊丞琳 - Absolute Darling 絕對達令 道 | MV

(↑2) 4. A-Mei 張惠妹 - Open Happiness 快樂暢開 | MV

(↑3) 5. Xian Zhi 弦子 - You Belong To Yourself 你是你的 | MV

(↑1) 6. Rene Liu 劉若英 - We Aren't Together 我們沒有在一起 | MV

(↑4) 7. Da Mouth 大嘴巴 - Happy Birthday 買滴兒 (My Dear) | MV

(NEW) 8. Kelly Chen 陳慧琳 - Forever's Fortune 永遠的福氣 | MV

(↓6) 9. The Drifters 浪花兄弟 & Jay Chou 周杰倫 - You Are My Band-Aid 你是我的OK繃 | MV

(↓9) 10. S.H.E. - SHERO | MV

(↑2) 11. By2 - This Is Called Love 這叫愛 | MV

(↓3) 12. Kenji Wu 吳克群 - Parasitic 寄生 | MV

(NEW) 13. Jane Zhang 張靚穎 - Bravely Love 勇敢愛 | MV

(↓9) 14. Kelly Chen 陳慧琳 - Glimmer 微光 | MV

(NEW) 15. Eddie Peng - Must Love | MV

(↓6) 16. Zhang Xuan 張懸 - I Guess You Are Leaving 我想你要走了 | MV

(NEW) 17. dance flow - Come on! Come on! | MV

(NEW) 18. Huang Ping Yuan 黃品源 - Darling I Love You 達令我愛你 | MV

(↓2) 19. Coco Lee 李玟 - Barbie Girls 美夢 | MV

(↓4) 20. Kevin Lin 林隆璇 & Chang Yun-Jing 張芸京 - When Did We Forget? 怎麼開始忘了 | MV

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