Cai Zhi Ping wants to cast Show and ELVA in new idol drama

Show Luo and ELVA have caught the eyes of Cai Zhi Ping, the godmother of idol dramas. Producer Cai hopes to have these two hot pop idols star in a new idol drama with a story written by a Korean screenwriter.

Show and ELVA have been on a roll lately. Just a week ago, they received the “most popular male singer” and “most popular female singer” awards at the China Music Award and Asian Influential Awards. To top it off, they also won “the most energetic male star” and “the best gleaming female star” after tallying the votes from the audience at the award show as well as from online. In addition to their “best stage performance” and “best stage design” awards, they each received a total of three awards.

If it’s not already clear, Show and ELVA’s popularity is definitely at a high. Surely fans will anticipate in seeing Show and ELVA together in a drama. Although it will be a first for the two to work with each other in a drama, they have collaborated twice before – duets “Defeated by you” and “WOW,” which have been well received.

Source: UDN

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