Blackie shares photos from his hospital bed on Facebook

Blackie Charles Chen was taken to the hospital on the 5th due to severe abdominal pain. It sounded quite serious but he still managed to take photos of himself and upload them on Facebook. He wrote, “I’m currently very miserable! (I’m) at the emergency room because of stomach pain. Ah….oh maaa it’s hurting like it’s about to flip over! (I) still have to travel to Guangzhou in the morning! Oh God…”
Blackie says What's up! from his hospital bed...

Blackie was originally scheduled for a recording in Guangzhou with members from Lollipop and HSH. However, due to his condition, the doctor has ordered him to rest for the next few days. After posting a picture of himself with an IV inserted in his hand, some media reported that he was suffering acute pancreatitis. But according to his assistant, Blackie was in fact taken to the hospital for stomach inflammation and released on the 6th.

Source: Nownews

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