Blackie keeps anime endorsement after charity scandal

BlackieCharles Chen returned to work after the recent controversy surrounding his Love Life campaign. He said he wasn't not angry over the criticism because it let more people know the original intention of the campaign. Although the scandal greatly tarnished his image, he said, “But my intention was out of kindness. I persist on doing the right thing, (it) can withhold to examination.”
Blackie has been in hot water ever since Next Weekly revealed that only NT$100 from his NT$580-Love Life t-shirt go to charity.

Blackie attended the Inazuma Eleven promotion for the cartoon channel on the 26th. The network was previously concerned about his recent image, but they eventually agreed that his philosophy of “Never give up” matches the theme of the anime. Up till this point, Blackie’s endorsement deals, events and new shows have yet to be affected by the scandal. As for his “Love Life” t-shirts, he said, “Corporations are still supportive. Orders for 500, 1000 t-shirts are still coming in, but (my company) Outerspace-Fever won’t be selling them anymore.”

He said there were imperfections in the process of the campaign and he will improve on them. He would like to apologize for the misunderstanding that the event has caused.

Source: Chinatimes

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