Baron Chen talks about his childhood and father from triad

Turning 30 this year, Baron Chen is not only good looking but he has also inherited his father Chen Chi-Li’s bravery. His father was the head of United Bamboo Gang. With a unique background, Baron describes himself as a “monster” when he was first born, “I was born on stormy night, but I looked like I had horns grown out of my head like Niu Mo Wang (牛魔王 / Ox King). I didn’t cry either, which scared my mom. She patiently stroked my head every day and after a long while, the shape of my head slowly became more normal.” His abnormal head shape accompanied with his handsome looks are as conflicting as his life.

Not long after he was born, his parents separated so he stayed with his grandparents. When he got a little older, he didn’t like going to kindergarten and often played “hide and seek” with his teacher. He only liked going to places to have fun with his father. During the year that he was in grade one, he remembered, “One day, my dad suddenly came to my school and took me out for a walk. He handed me fifty dollars and then disappeared.” After a while, Baron suddenly saw his father in the news announcing that he was going to jail. Since he was still little, he didn’t understand the situation, but he told himself, “Daddy is not a bad person.”
Father Chen Chi-Li holds Baron in his arms when he was 2 months old.  When Baron was 5, his father took him to have fun at an amusement park.

It was not until when he got to junior high school that he began to live with his mom. He expresses that it felt extremely awkward, “We never had any contact since I was little and then we suddenly started living together. It felt very hard. I was very isolated and I wasn’t doing well in my school grades.” He even ran away from home and wandered on the streets. His mom prayed in the temple and even made him drink “fu-shui” (charmed water).
Baron (2nd on left) and his friends having a snack during his days in University.

Although Baron didn’t like to study, his father has never given him a beating. Baron explains, “He only requires me to not touch any drugs or gambling.” Baron has always managed to obtain passing scores in school.  His father has always been like his teacher. After he completed his military duties, Baron and his friend started a computer related business. One day, his father’s friend, the boss of Chang Hong Films Ltd, Wu Dun recommended him to enter showbiz. Baron’s father was extremely against it, but Baron expresses, “I thought over it for three days and finally made the decision. It’s been four years since and I’ve never regretted (entering showbiz).”
Baron in Butterfly And Sword - his first Wuxia drama.

His father Chen Chi-Li agreed to allow Baron to enter showbiz. The only unfortunate part is that his father left early and won’t be able to see his son star in the Wuxia drama, 流星蝴蝶劍 (Butterfly And Sword). Baron says, “Dad loves Wuxia (dramas/movies) the most. He has always hoped to see me be artistic as well as having skills to fight. It’s very unfortunate.”

Source: Appledaily TW

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