Barbie had plastic surgery on her chin? Barbie says: I only lost weight

Following the creation of her chubby wax-double, Barbie Hsu (Da S) is met with more upsetting news. Recently, there have been ongoing rumors of Barbie having done plastic surgery on her chin, but she clarifies, “The shape of my face is always different at different periods of time. When I lose weight, my chin would become pointier, if you can’t tell, then you’re not professional enough.”

However, what’s more upsetting is that at her sister Dee Hsu (Xiao S) got drunk and posted a picture of Barbie without make up and while rolling her eyes up on her sina blog. The “beauty queen” was terrified of the news and immediately asked her assistant to go online to see. But by the time she saw it, there had already been ninety thousand hits, making it too late to repair the damage. Mother Hsu gave Xiao S a good scolding and Barbie responded, “Next time Xiao S wants to take a photo of me, I will call the security.”

The beauty queen keeps a smile despite the rumors and photo on the right.

Source: UDN, ifeng

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