avex taiwan's lastest mixed-gendered group 'dance flow' releases new debut MV

Korean record labels are slow to finding out the hard way that merely showing up with their flagship musical acts by converting them to Mandopop is not enough to guarantee either short- or long-term success in Taiwan’s highly competitive music market. JYP Entertainment thought that they could take their legendary product Wonder Girls and have them sing their hit songs in Mandarin to further milk their success, but after barely making a dent in both Mandopop sales (WG peaked at 3% in combined weekly sales for debut album, Taiwanese girl group S.H.E surpassed 20% in combined weekly sales for latest album one month later) and charts (S.H.E currently has 10 songs in KKBOX's Top 100 Singles and #1 song on Channel [V]’s Weekly Top 20, WG has never placed on either list for Mandopop). SM Entertainment fared better when they did their research by unleashing Mandopop sub-unit Super Junior-M from their successful boy band Super Junior, but it is not known how the record label will bounce back in the Mandopop scene with the defection of key member Hangeng to possibly another entertainment company in mainland China, as well as their resentment by some within the Super Junior community back in South Korea.

Like its Korean counterparts, famed Japanese record label avex group is making its own attempt with a new breakout success by unleashing new mixed-gender dance music group dance flow, whom will be releasing their first studio album next week on Friday, April 16th. But unlike its Korean counterparts, avex’s Taiwanese branch avex taiwan was better prepared by not only compiling a group specific to the Taiwanese market, but also building the group up entirely of Taiwanese talents with native Mandarin fluency. Furthermore, avex taiwan has years of music industry experience in Taiwan to strengthen their chances for breakout success. The new 8-member group, whose J-pop dance sound is reminiscent of Mandopop chart success hip-hop/R&B outfit Da Mouth, is composed of males Takeshi, Dennis, Air, and Sam, and females DinDin, Lin, WaWa, and Iris.  Not only does the rookie group incorporate a heavy blend of dancing and club beats to their musical repertoire, and has been perfecting their craft for their debut since at least the middle of last year. It’s just a matter of time whether avex taiwan’s latest creation will net “super” results or instead “wonder” where things went wrong.

dance flow’s “Come on! Come on!” MV [LQ]:

dance flow’s dance demo:

dance flow's promo video:

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