Annie Yi returns 514 days after her scandal

Time really does fly especially when it comes to the real life soap opera of Annie Yi and her ex-husband Harlem Yu. It was the first time she faced the Taiwanese media after being photograph with actor Huang Wei-De back in November of 2008. Her career took a nosedive along with the end of her 9-year marriage.

Annie Yi was back in Taiwan to promote her new single “Flowers Blooming in the Warm Spring”. She performed the song at the press conference and spoke about her feelings since the scandal, “The past year hasn’t been easy. To be honest, if that’s the experience it takes to improve my songwriting, I’d rather not have it.” During her lowest point, she would soak in the bath tub for 7 to 8 days. She didn't want to take her life, but she was thinking, “What is the value to continue living?”

Whenever the names Harlem Yu and Huang Wei-De came up, she responded, “All public opinion should be directed to me, don’t involve other people again. This is something that I started, I will take responsibility…” She stressed, “Please think of it as a good deed, and remember there is a child (referring to her son Harry).”

Annie Yi said, “Lots of people don’t want me to tell the truth…In the end, the truth that I see might not even be the truth anymore.” But what is the truth? She avoided the question and did not elaborate further. Interestingly, she asked reporters to think of her son and show some mercy. Some  must be curious if she considered this when her hand-holding relationship with Huang Wei-De went public.

Despite keeping a smile during most of the event, she became tearful when the media asked about her text messages rumors. She said, “This might be something you guys chat about casually, but it affects us greatly…..You are much like my family, I have no way to hide or lie…..please give me one minute.” She avoided the question, and when she was asked again, she said, “If the question involves other people, then go with their answers as the correct one.”

On her divorce, Annie Yi said, “The feeling of happiness is stronger while being alone, but it sounds very selfish, because someone (referring to Harlem) let you understand this.”

Source: AppledailyTW, UDN

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