Annie Yi is not welcomed on Harlem Yu’s One Million Singer

For obvious reasons.....

After recent rumors of reconciliation text messages, Annie Yi will finally be heading back to Taiwan to promote her new single (which roughly translates to) “Flowers Blooming in the Warm Spring”. The song and her new image symbolize her rebirth after a much-publicized divorce from Harlem Yu. She said she is ready to face the media at her new album's press conference on the 8th. As for TV appearances, it will be decided later depending on the response to her return.

The new single will contain two tracks, which are “Flowers Blooming in the Warm Spring” and “Love’s Exercise Book”. Annie Yi wrote the lyrics for both songs to convey her feelings after the divorce. She said the first song was inspired by a poem from the mainland poet Hai Zi. During her marriage crisis, a fan posted the poem to encourage her, and gave her power to reborn.

Now that she is single, Annie Yi has taken on an even  more daring image than before. A tattoo artist was hired to paint on a flower pattern on her back, which symbolizes a burnt mark by her lover. She said the intertwining thorns represent pain and struggles, while the wilting (of flowers) is an inevitable process of love. Whether it was referring to her marriage with Harlem Yu or her hand-holding relationship with Huang Wei-De, we will have to wait till the 8th for further explanation.

According to reports, Harlem Yu’s One Million Singer is unlikely to schedule her on the show, and the same is expected for his mentor Chang Hsiao-Yen’s One Million Primary school. Appearances on other variety shows will depend on her demand and choices.

Source: UDN

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