Andy Lau: Confessions of a husband

Andy Lau talks about his new role as a husband in an interview with Appledaily:

After nearly 30 years of being the man of women's dreams, an entertainment career that includes recognition form the Golden Horse and Hong Kong Film Awards, Andy Lau added a new role to his life 2 years ago – a husband.

Does he feel competent about his new role? He said, “In the role of a husband, it doesn’t matter how other people think; I’m only focused on one person, it’s good enough as long as that person thinks I’m the best in the world.”

Many might have imagined in the past, and hoped that they would be the lucky girl chosen by him. He admits that he has a bad temper, but when the two of  them argue, “All men in the world always apologize and yield first.” He also said he is not romantic, “Those special dates, I can never remember them.” Does that include his other-half’s birthday? He said, “When (her) birthday is almost here, people (paparazzi) will be outside of our home to remind me of the big day.” He even comforted himself by saying, “The paparazzi haven’t been too bad to me, if they must follow (me), they would have caught me long ago.”

In order to protect (his wife) Carol Chu, most of their dates took place at home over the years. He even asked the rhetorical question, “Could there have been other places?” He described himself as, “Whenever there is no work scheduled, (I) would stay home; I once filmed in Hengdian for 5 months, and never went out once.” Despite the revelation of their marriage, they haven’t been appearing publicly often, “We rarely went out to begin with.” He is known for being a good cook and often makes breakfast for his crew on set. When asked if he would make breakfast for “Mrs. Lau”, he answered by nodding his head.

During the interview, his protectiveness of her is apparent, “There are a lot of things that I can’t do, (I) must be careful about a lot of things. My way of life has changed. I don’t want my family to be the same as me.” But going back to August of last year when he held her hand to announce their relationship, the scene still shocked many to this day. After keeping a low profile for 24 years, did he do it because of public pressure? He denied, “No. Getting to this point of the road, it becomes natural. What I was thinking wasn’t what everyone else was thinking. I was thinking of what would be the best way for her to return to Hong Kong.” He said they didn’t have any prior discussions. Was she frightened? He said, “She knows. It was just that (we) didn’t expect so many people.”

Several days later, news of their marriage exploded along with countless unfriendly reports from the media, “There was no time to think on how it should be dealt with, but I was actually quite neutral. (I) didn’t think about resolving the issue in particular, but rather just focused on taking care of my family matters.” He was still mourning the death of his father-in-law at the time, but fortunately, his fans gave him the warmest support. If some people thought the reason why he didn’t go public was because of his fans, he said, “those people undermined my relationship with my fans. (They're) like….very low level.”

In the colorful world of showbiz, did he not have any temptations? He said with certainty, “No.” He was asked about the qualities of Carol Chu that have attracted him, he said, “(I) don’t want to talk too much about it.” Then without his fame, fortune, good-looks and other exterior qualities, what is it about him that makes him attractive? “I really don’t know…I have a good life, really good. Most of the people around me care for me and treat me well; in my life, the people I love never complain.”

As Andy Lau, he has received a lot but he has also given up a lot. He explained, “In order to get one thing, while giving up another, that is not sacrifice, that is a balance, because that is your belief.” Near the end of the interview, (the reporter) couldn’t resist but ask -- did he get down on his knee when he proposed? He shook his head and said “No.” Nevertheless, it was only natural that they would chose to join hands and grow old together, after the love that started 25 years ago.

Source: AppledailyTW

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