Amber Ann and Alicia Liu “Guess” with Jacky Wu

As reported earlier, Amber Ann and Alicia Liu have joined the struggling variety Guess Guess Guess as co-hosts. Following the departure of Aya, the show will rotate its female hosts alongside Jacky Wu in an attempt to resurrect ratings. The new combo created quite an awkward picture as both ladies are over 170 cm tall, while Jacky Wu was noticeably shorter.

Although he supports the production team’s decision, Jacky Wu sighed, “The current lack of female Taiwanese hosts is rather serious. There are too many semi-popular celebrities, but (their) experience in the battle field is lacking.” Nono overheard the comment and added, “Amber Ann is not bad! She can be like Ma Shi-Li, making money just by smiling, and she is well-liked by the audience. Why not get her and Ma Shi-Li to cohost with Jacky Wu!”

As for Alicia Liu, her autobiography/photo album is set for release in May.  She will talk about facing herself bravely, as well as the process of her sex change operation. The book also contains pictures from her childhood and highschool years, in addition to the photo album. She said frankly that she was nervous about being photographed naked, “But there were protective things taped over (my) chest, so it wasn't be too uncomfortable.” She is currently on leave from hit show Big Party and said she hopes to return soon.

Source: Appledaily, Chinatimes, Nownews

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