AK turns rain coats into "WOW" fashion

The new boy band AKKris Shen and Andy Chen, will be releasing their very first album on May 3th. Their record company has already spent a million dollars (NT) on their first MV, “WOW,” but as for their clothes, their image stylist only spent $546 on each set. This is because they want to promote reusing and recycling.

Global warming is on the rise, and being environmental friendly is becoming a focus. During the discussion of their new image style, it was raining outside and Kris and Andy saw people walk by wearing rain coats. It suddenly gave them the inspiration to have their new clothes be made using these rain coats. Being economical and stylish at the same time, these rain coats only cost $39 each. Their tops require three sets of rain coats while only one is needed for their pants. In addition to a pair of $390 rain boots, they only spent $546 on each person. With six dancers and themselves, the total cost for making these new clothes for everyone is less than $5000.

Andy Chen comments, “(I) never thought that using rain coats could make such stylish clothes!” Kris Shen adds, “I hope that we can also promote recycling.” They hope that they can help push everyone to recycle, reuse, avoid wasting resources, and become environmental friendly. AK, who obtained their street-performer license not long ago, has attracted many new fans while performing on the streets. Before their album release, they will be holding a signing event at Funky (gay bar). On May 15th, they will also be holding a concert at another night club, Luxy, with tickets priced at $300. So far, they have already sold 90% of their tickets. In addition to singing new songs, they have also prepared songs from other popular past and current boy groups like The Little Tigers, F4, Fahrenheit, and Super Junior.

Other artists going green:
Leehom Wang: Riding on a bike, donating used clothes, minimizing use of air conditioning
Ariel Lin: Using the water after washing rice to wipe the floor, riding on a bike
Da S: Vegetarian, using own environmental chopsticks and bag
Amber Kuo: Using own environmental chopsticks, planting tree in front yard

Source: Appledaily TW

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