Access Newsbits! [Week of Mar 28]

Nicholas Teo went on a five day World Vision trip and visited children in need in Ba Thouc, Vietnam. He raised around a hundred thousand dollars to help them open a water well and supply for education and medical needs.

Van Fan held a mini concert at a gay bar to promote for his new movie, "Gangster Rock." He and invited co-star Leon Jay Williams as special guest. Upon showing Leon's abs, they immediately sold 300 tickets.

In response to her love rumors with Baron Chen, Makiyo says that Baron simply likes being her chauffeur as he's always willing to give her a ride whenever she calls him. She then immediately tries to explain, "Oh no, he just happens to be in the area whenever I call him."

Jeremy Liu celebrated his birthday early with his fans and denied love rumors of him with model Lin Ya-Lin. Jeremy says that Ya-Lin is only his Chinese teacher...but they always go out to restaurants for their tutoring sessions...

22 year old Tofu girl broke many of her Otaku fans' hearts by revealing that she had been in two love relationships before. Knowing that damage was done, she quickly admitted that she is still a virgin and will save her "first night" to her true love.

By2 recently celebrated their 18th birthday. In celebration of becoming adults, they offered to take photos with fans while sharing the bed with them. The event attracted a bunch of Ojisans male fans.

Show Luo matches Jolin Tsai’s 10-week record at #1 on both G-music and Five music albums chart.

Liu Jia-Chang and his wife apparently has been sleeping in separate rooms for 24 years. She's not happy with his "attitude" towards his concerts this weekend, "He's not rehearsing, not practicing, just chatting with people everyday, screaming and shouting."

Van Fan was drunk after a wedding banquet. He was taken home by a woman and his company has no comment.

Stanley Huang's rumored girlfriend Hu Jia-Ai is back on TV again. She said they have known each other since they were young, and on their current relationship, she said, "Everything that should be done has been done already."

S.H.E becomes the spokesperson of a new body slimming gadget. Selina, who was recently spotted with a double-chin, says, "as long as I go work out, I will be able to slim down one size." Maybe the gadget will help her get a head start.

Jolin Tsai will be releasing a new album in July and will start her next concert tour on Dec. 25th at the Taipei Arena. When asked if there will be any new gymnastic tricks or image styles that rivals Lady Gaga's, Jolin manager replied, "We're still in the planning process, but it's all top secret."

Chen Han Dian likes Butterfly but needs help. They are still at the "chatting on MSN" Stage.

JJ Lin gets ready to perform at the Kenting Spring Wave Music Festival. He will be spending three-hundred thousand to bring along his own ten member band to give a great performance to the fans.

Rainie Yang will release a new song + compilation album on the 23rd of next month. Rainie takes a break from all the practicing (for her upcoming concert) to film the MV, "Wild Thoughts." She plays a magician in the MV.

Cha Seung Won looking very "Sharp", Brother Sharp that is...

Joe Cheng and Mike He wore matching couple T-shirts when they returned from their trip to India representing World Vision:

Nicky Lee and Souma Akane's love relationship might be at risk as their good friends are doubtful of seeing them together. Souma Akane birth year was reported as 1975 but in actual fact it is 1970, making her 10 years older than Nicky. Their 10-year age difference is comparable to A-Mei and He Shou-Cheng's 11-year age difference. Friends predict that Nicky and Souma Akane will face many obstacles like A-Mei and He Shou-Cheng leading up to a break up.

Rainie Yang's special guest at her concert is.....Jerry Yan??  Even Rainie herself couldn't believe it, but hey, it's on the poster.

Cyndi Wang's ex-boyfriend Viter Fan uploaded pictures of them from 2003. Maybe he desperately needed some attention but she didn't look bad without her makeup on.

Show Luo becomes the new spokesperson for the convenience store chain Family Mart. The news said he "replaced" Vic Chou, but the store said Show Luo is promoting their breads while Vic Chou is their Oden spokesperson.

Jeff Huang went on Kangxi Lai Le and spoke about his brother's recent scandal. He said Stanley Huang was set up by Hu Jia-Ai.

Ady An and her buddy Shone An are filming Fight and Love with a Terracotta Warrior in the mainland.  They met each other five years ago and the two treats each other like brother and sister.

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