Access Newsbits! [Week of Apr 4]

Artistes featured this week:
B.A.D, Blackie, By2, Circus, Claire Kuo, Cyndi Wang, Da S, Dance Flow, David Wu, Devon Song, Fan Fan, Harlem Yu, Hsiu Chieh-Kai, Hu Jia-Ai, Huang Yida, Jam Hsiao, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Lee Wei, Lin Chi-Ling, Liu Jia-Chang, Maggie Jiang, Matilda Tao, Ren Xia, Riva Chang, Sam Wang, Show Luo, Stanley Huang, Sun Yanzi, Three Difficult Tenors, Vic Chou, Viter Fan, Wu Gua, Xiao S

Jam Hsiao was mistaken as Michael Jackson impersonator when he was in Singapore.

Harlem Yu and David Wu attended Toy Story 3 press conference as they will be dubbing for our favorite characters Woody and Buzz Light year. When Harlem was asked about Annie's return to Taiwan in August to release a new single, he had no comment.

Stanley Huang says that he's not upset about Hu Jia-Ai using him to gain fame. Like a gentleman, he responded, "Is there any use in getting mad? Explaining will only make the rumors get worse. This way of getting famous is actually quite hurtful to a girl."

The Three Difficult Tenors attracted 8000 fans to their concert at the Shanghai stop. It's estimated that they made 15 million (TWD).

Former boy band B.A.D member, Ben, will give it all he's got to win first place on "Golden Super Star" (singing competition for celebs). He will give it 8 months time, if he doesn't yield good results, he will return to America and help his father in their family business.

Singer Maggie Jiang will return with her first single in 3 years. She signed on with a new record company and will release a digital single called "Under the Moon". She said she lived like a zombie during her hiatus in 2008 and weighed over 50 kg at one point.

Liu Jia-Chang apologized to the audience at his concert because he was in a really rotten mood. He was fined 2.39 million (NTD) 10 years ago for announcing poll results during the presidential election and refused to pay it to this day. He is currently banned from leaving Taiwan, so upcoming performances in Shanghai and Singapore have been canceled. The teacher is so mad that he said he might as well run for president. His wife joked, "Wouldn't that make me the first lady?"

The phrase "Let's go out for a walk" means let's do some shopping for Matilda Tao's daughter. They used to live nearby a department store and her daughter seems to have inherited her "shopping-gene". She wants to limit her daughter's spending but we all know it's not easy to walk away from Sponge Bob.

Blackie said guys don't usually ask about their girlfriends' exes. Fan Fan wrote about a recent encounter with her ex Jerry in detail. Blackie was surprised but he said he doesn't have any opinion about it, and he never talks about his ex in front of her either. Well of course, since she can talk to his ex (and her friend) Barbie Hsu directly if she wants.

Viter Fan apologized for posting photos of him and Cyndi Wang on April Fool's day. Netizens are already calling him the male version of Hu Jia-Ai, who recently became a famous by publicizing her so-called relationship with Stanley Huang. Maybe it's time for Viter Fan to go on Kangxi Lai Le and explains to us what medication he's on.

The infamous son-in-law of Wu Gua made his acting debut on P. S. Man. Dr. Li Jin-Liang is probably more famous for being photographed with women other than his wife, as well as the legal troubles for his plastic surgery clinic. He will try to redeem himself by playing a (sleazy-looking) publishing editor in the drama.

This is Lee Wei not Brother Sharp...

Man-to-Man kiss between Jay Chou and Devon Song.

FTV goes all out for the love of ratings. The latest stunt involves their lead actress being hung above fire after she was abducted on her wedding day.

Lin Chi-Ling is not the only Taiwanese star making her debut on Japanese TV. Singer Ren Xia will be starring in a late night idol drama on Fuji TV.

Circus is in hot water again as netizens accused their song "I know you are all laughing at me" of plagiarizing a song by the Japanese band "The Blue Hearts".

Sun Yanzi was the crowd's favorite as she performed last at the Spring Wave festival in Kenting. She doesn't rule out getting married but won't be letting the media know if she does.

Jolin Tsai said the only thing she regretted about being a star is not being able to love like normal people. If Mr. Right asks her to run away with him, she answered, "I might say, 'How about we go for a month?'"

Show Luo doesn't want to be second, especially to Jay Chou, but he loses to Jay for being the most popular spokesperson among students.  Show's response: "I'm number one in many other things."

Singer Huang Yida became a monk for 14 days after his contract ended with Sony. He said he learned to slow down and felt sorry for not being a better son. On an interesting note, he mentioned that no underwear is allowed under the buddhist monk's robe. It must have been a very breezy feeling for him....

Avex will be releasing Dance Flow's single "Come on! Come on!" on iTunes along with their album on the 16th. Doesn't this lovely photo look eerily similar to the cover of that repackaged version Sorry Sorry?

Vic Chou's roomate Hsiu chieh-kai is starring in a new drama but producer Wang Wei-Zhong said he needs to get buffer.

Claire Kuo will return with a new album on May 14, but fans might have trouble recognizing her. As shown by this photo, the long locks are long gone.

Some netizens are curious if the big apple on the cover of By2's album symbolizes that they have "tasted the forbidden fruit". The 18 year-old girls quickly responded without hesitation, "We are still virgins!"

It looked like wedding photos but they are not getting married. Riva Chang (better known as Xiao Tian Tian) invested in Sam Wang's new bakery shop. The former 5566 member has 3 stores in total named "Uncle Sam's".

The Hsu sisters say goodbye to their management company of 11th year. Former manager and famous producer Wang Wei-Zhong said they are going independent due to tax issues, but said they will continue to work closely together.

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