Yao Yao puts love on hold to save her career

The well-endowed Otaku goddess hit it big last year with her super popular and somewhat controversial video game commercial. Following Yao Yao's quick rise to fame, her boyfriend Liu Jian-Zhong was also brought to the public’s attention. They were photographed going out for a ride together and even kissing at a restaurant, but as her work load increased, the two were rumored to have broken up prior to the Chinese New Year. Yao Yao said, “Work is more important.”

Yao Yao was accused of being breaking up Liu Jian-Zhong’s previous relationship last year. He was said to have admitted to his ex-girlfriend that he left her for Yao Yao because he wanted to be famous. Yao Yao defended her boyfriend back then, but their relationship seemed to have changed after she signed with Seed Music.

Seed Music apparently didn’t ban her from dating, but reminded her that her “relationship should not affect her work”. Staff from Seed Music has also taken over for driving her to and from work. With the addition of her busy schedule, the two reportedly broke up as they grew further apart. When asked about the news, she said, “I’m not the kind of girl who must get what she wants, I’m only 19.”

Yao Yao's popularity has declined after she gradually became more "covered" up. The show she is hosting is not doing well in the ratings, while the Tofu Girl seems to have overtaken her popularity in the world of Otaku boys. Seed Music was asked if the break up was an attempt to save her decline, they said, “Her plan for the next few years will be mainly focused on her career.”

Liu Jian-Zhong was asked if he and Yao Yao were forced to break up, he paused and said, “Go with what her side said. Don’t ask me.” He even used the term “good friends” to deny that they were ever in a relationship. When asked if good friends make out with each out, he explained, “Some friends do”…..

Source: AppledailyTW

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