Lala Xu practices her starving tactics, seeks inspiration to overcome phobia

Lala Xu, A Chord, and Cotton Candy (棉花糖) have been undergoing training to build their physical strength in preparation for their "God of Asia Youth Army" concert on the 27th. On the 15th, the 4 of them were exercising, practicing, and nurturing their stage dynamic. One of the four, Lala Xu, says that she is under the most pressure as she gained 3kg over the New Year celebrations; she states that she needs to start losing weight again. Nowadays, she runs for half-an-hour on the treadmill, keeps control of her diet, and seeks inspiration for songs on her new album on a daily basis; it's a living hell.

In her search for inspiration, she jots down notes while watching TV saying that, "If I see a quote with deep emotions, I will immediately record it; if I watch a scene and feel moved, I will watch the same scene over and over again." As a result, she is diagnosed with severe "Information-Shortage Phobia" (資訊缺乏恐懼症). The others are a bit more lax, Cotton Candy plays the exercise game Wii Fit to lose weight, and A Chord swims to increase his vital capacity and also goes to church to relieve pressure.

Source: China Times

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