Xiao Zhong wants to sing again

Not necessarily good news for our ears, but this proves again how great it is to have Jay Chou as a friend…

Former member of the “man-group” S.B.D.W and variety show regular Jason Zhong (better known as Xiao Zhong) will soon return to his music roots. He plans to release an EP later this year and is full of confidence about being a singer again. Even his good friend Jay Chou is doing his part to help, “I thought he had just promised casually, but he really showed his support as a friend. I’m very satisfied with the song (that he wrote).”

Xiao Zhong attended the Diamond Club recording on the 31st and revealed that he spent NT$100,000 on making the EP. Co-host Huang Guo-Lun quickly mocked him saying, “One song cost $100,000? You should paid me 50,000 to write you one instead.” After hearing the comment, Xiao Zhong fired back, “If you remake all the hit songs you have written for other people, for sure (the album )will sell. If you make a brand new album, who would want to buy it now?” Ouch.....

Let's take a look back at one of Xiao Zhong's greatest performances

Source: Nownews, georgianna's Channel

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