Xiao Xiao Bin denies weight gain in front of his favorite lady

The cutie joined Chris Wu and Butterfly for an environmental event at the real “Hua-Tian” village, which was featured in Autumn’s Concerto. Xiao Xiao Bin was a little disappointed because the set built for the drama has already been taken down, “It was prettier before, it’s different now.”

Xiao Xiao Bin happily sang and danced with his favorite insect TV personality Butterfly, but he denied his weight gain when Chris Wu had trouble carrying him. Xiao Xiao Bin stressed that he has “only gained 1 kg.” His dad Xiao Bin Bin privately revealed that his son has actually gained 3 kg, with a total weight of 20 kg.

Many in the audience were concerned about the marks that were all over Xiao Xiao Bin’s legs. Apparently, the boy has long been suffering from dermatitis, and it got even worse after the recent dust storm that hit Taiwan. His manager explained that Xiao Xiao Bin has seen many doctors, but the western medication contained steroids, so they took him to a Chinese medicine doctor instead. His condition has gotten better after adjusting his diet and applying a botanical medicine directly on the affected area.

Source: AppledailyTW, UDN

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