Xiao S denies reports of domestic violence

Dee Hsu (Xiao S) and her husband Mike made the front page of Appledaily on March 14th with news of domestic violence. The couple is furious and said the report was completely false. The paper reported that Dee Hsu called the 113 hotline to report domestic violence last month.

According to Appledaily, Xiao S called 113 after finishing a recording of Kangxi Lai Le. She was reportedly having an argument with her husband, and was unhappy that he treated her violently. It claimed she had filed a report at the Xin Sheng police station but there was no record of it. Xiao S and her husband met with the media at the police station. She denied ever having called the hotline and said they plan to sue Appledaily for the false report.

The vice deputy director of the Xin Sheng police station clarified that they do not have any domestic violence case concerning the Hsu family, or any notification of it from other units. The hotline center also stated that they did not receive any calls from Xiao S. In fact, they would never reveal any information of the individuals who call their hotline. Therefore, it was not possible for any caller information to have been leaked.

Although Xiao S and her husband successfully defended themselves, many questioned if it was necessary to have a press conference in front of the police station. The actions of the police also raised some concerns, as they publicly defended the star. It made the general public wonder if they would get the same treatment if they ever needed their local police to clarify something for them.

Source: Chinatimes, UDN

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