Xiah Junsu’s brother Zuno hopes for Mandopop success with “Let Me Go” MV

As more and more Mandopop artists expand their musical influence by diving into the J-pop market, a number of Korean singers are either debuting or expanding their own fame into the Mandopop market in order to capitalize on its untapped audience. New Mandopop artist Zuno (real name: Kim Junho 金俊浩) is no exception, hoping to emulate last year’s success of currently suspended Super Junior-M, while also avoiding Wonder Girls’ failed Mandopop run earlier this year.

Best known as the big brother of megapopular Korean boy band DBSK’s Xiah Junsu, Zuno made his first major move into the Mandopop industry with the release of his first MV from his single “Let Me Go 放開我”. The aspiring artist hopes to make a name for himself and separating himself from his famous brother by making a musical debut in mainland China instead of his native South Korea.

Having studied Chinese Mandarin for at least a year in Beijing, Zuno also trained as an actor due to greater emphasis of singers playing dual roles as actors in the Mandopop industry. Prior to the MV’s release for the song “Let Me Go”, Zuno expressed that the song was a musical piece to demonstrate a guy’s quality and charisma, and also a way to express the various ways that a guy suffers for the sake of the woman he loves.

Korean netizens, who have been following Zuno following his debut on Korean television alongside DBSK member Xiah, praised the recently released MV upon viewing it streaming sites, since the MV was only aired in mainland China a couple days ago. Additionally, many Korean netizens expressed high hopes that Xiah’s twin will give them someone else to follow outside of DBSK and their activities. Chinese netizens have not been as receptive though, labeling Zuno’s latest song as forcing its K-pop styles onto Mandopop trends, while many have also criticized the newcomer for his heavily Korean-accented Chinese Mandarin and his song’s repetitive lyrics.

Zuno's "Let Me Go 放開我" MV:

Source: Sina, Chosun Online

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