Wu Chun not fated to ride the Japan Rail

In addition to their music video with Goo Hye Sun, Fahrenheit flew to Tokyo to promote tourism for Taiwan. Wu Chun got to Japan a day ahead of the other members, wanting to take some time touring Japan. His trip didn’t go as smoothly as planned. Once he got off the plane at 2pm, he was stuck in traffic and it was already 5pm after he had finished checking into his hotel and ready to take off again. He originally planned to visit the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, but found out that it closed at 4:30pm after arriving there.

Wu Chun and his fellow Fahrenheit members were to meet up at night. Wu Chun wanted to try out the commuter rail at the Yamanote line, but half an hour went by and the train was still nowhere to be seen. He later found out the service was suspended due to technical issues. Wu Chun, who was already starving, couldn’t help but sigh, “No way…How can this be.” He ended up taking a cab in order to meet up with the rest of the members at 9pm. Fortunately, Wu Chun didn’t let his stomach suffer for long as he enjoyed some Takoyaki nearby.

 Wu Chun didn't find out about the train delay until 30 minutes later.

Despite not being about to ride the train, Wu Chun still had some fun riding a bike.


Source: Liberty Times, Chinatimes, Appledaily, UDN

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