Will Pan is too sunny for Rainie?

If Rainie Yang had to choose between “Xiao Zhu” Show Luo and “Handsome Pan” Will Pan to be her boyfriend, which would she choose?

Rainie had filmed “Miss No Good” with Will before and had worked with Show in “Hi! My Sweetheart.” Since both Will and Show are super popular idol stars, fans were extremely envious of Rainie when she filmed kissing scenes with them. But to everyone’s surprise, Rainie actually commented that kissing Will and Show was like committing incest because they are very good friends, so kissing felt awkward.

Despite being disgusted, there was still a difference between kissing them. Rainie commented that both Will and Show are very funny in person. When filming a kissing scene with Will, they would immediately start laughing the moment they saw each other face to face, causing numerous “NGs” (bloopers). They laughed non-stop, so they ended up kissing each other over and over again. When filming a kissing scene with Show on the other hand, they would complete it with one take, as they both don’t want to have a retake because that would make things awkward.

Although Rainie felt more disgusted kissing Show Luo versus Will Pan, she chose Show as her boyfriend without hesitation.

Rainie expressed that she doesn’t like to be all serious in a love relationship, but said that because Will Pan is too sunny, she can’t imagine any romance between her and Will.

 It was a sure-win for Show -- prepares to smash Will glass pigs to pieces.

When it comes to Will Pan, expect the unexpected.

Source: Liberty Times, UDN

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