Viewers not happy with shorter "Jerry"

The always popular comedy show Big Party recently performed a parody of the drama Down With Love. The skit was led by veteran comedian Kuo Tze-Cheng (郭子乾) in the role of Jerry Yan.  He was joined by fellow cast member Ah Ken who played Ella, along with the not-so-funny Na Dou as Xiao Xiao Bin and King-Kong Barbie Houderas as Kelly Huang. The comedians truly embodied the spirits of the stars they were impersonating, but their parody fell “short” of being a classic -- Viewers complained about "Jerry" Kuo because, “How can Jerry Yan be shorter than Ella?”
On the Left: Picture of a dysfunctional family
On the Right: The real Jerry

The actual parody

Source: AppledailyTW, comicfps's Channel

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