Uncle G-string crashes AK's street performance

Following our brief newsbits report on AK obtaining their street-performer license, AK finally heads to Ximending to show pedestrians on what they’ve got. All this is part of their record company Warner Music wanting to help build up their confidence in performing in front of a live audience. But AK is met with some strange visitors crashing their “street” stage – Uncle G-string, a two year old child, and a dog steals AK’s spotlight, leaving them speechless.

Putting the uninvited “special” guests aside, Kris Shen expresses that he used to feel envious of street performers on how they could freely perform what they want, thus, he is very happy to have the opportunity to become a street performer himself. Andy Chen, who has been a street performer in the past, reveals that he used to run whenever he sees policemen, but after obtaining his license, he can now perform without worries.

Their performance didn’t go all that smoothly. In addition to some small rain showers, they were also met with the biggest dust storm in history. Even when they watched passers-by wear masks, AK still continued to perform for two full hours. Luckily, they were accompanied by some die-hard fans, where almost a thousand fans gathered around them, making them feel rather proud.

Their manager Xin Zhi Yu indicated that AK will only be allowed to do street performances up until April 11. With that said, AK will do about three to five more street performances from now.

Source: UDN

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