Tiffany Hsu over Ethan Ruan's hotel incident: I Believe You

Ethan Ruan has always had a healthy image, but yesterday, news revealed that on the 28th of last month, he took another girl to a hotel room at Taichung for 7 hours. The news took everyone by surprise, but the one who was most in shocked was his girlfriend, Tiffany Hsu. Yesterday, she attended her filming sessions as scheduled and completed some scenes at a restaurant in the Xinyi district. When she left, she was surrounded by the media and she shyly said, “I believe him,” then rushed into the car to return home. Later, Ethan, accompanied by his assistant, took out his keys and entered their home. It was the first time they met again after the scandal broke out.

Ethan explained to the media that he and the girl was “in the same room but not on the same bed,” and which his “friend arrived a little later to meet up with them.” Although the explanation still seems suspicious, Tiffany has chosen to believe in her boyfriend, “I give my full trust in my relationship. I believe everything that my boyfriend says.” When asked if Ethan had cried due to the news, Tiffany thought about it for moment and replied, “Crying is not the main point. He should know what he needs to do.”

Tiffany was very calm over the news. There were rumors that Ethan wants to fulfill his lifetime promise to her (get married), but she expressed, “I don’t need that. He just needs to be clear of what he needs to do from now on.” Tiffany, being careful, spoke honestly, “Every man I date, I always keep marriage in mind. Getting married is the goal, but we currently put our work in first place, so we don’t have plans to get married soon.”

As for rumors about Van Ness Wu having good feelings toward her, she playfully said, “If he is really going to pursue me, I will consider it.” Then she added, “Many men give up on pursuing me because once I’m in love with someone already, I won’t give others a chance.”

Regarding his girlfriend being understanding and trusting in him, Ethan felt even more regret, but he sincerely admitted, “I’ve done something that is truly very wrong,” and added, “We didn’t fight, but the fact that I don’t go home at night is very not okay.” When asked if they are going to establish some “rules,” he responded, “We are already grownups. There is no need for rules. We should know what to do.” As for the public’s suspicion, he explained, “We weren’t alone in the same room. Her boyfriend came shortly after. What other people think is not important. What’s important is Tiffany.” When asked how he is going to mend their relationship, he answered, “I don’t know yet, but she is my everything. I will do the best I can.”

 Ethan clarifies to the media that he was not alone with a girl in the hotel room.

Source: Appledaily TW, UDN

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